Automatic Peace Of Mind

Admin  -   10:36 am  -   September 17th, 2018

This winter is expected to be another snowy one, which means calling for heating oil deliveries will be a little tougher during periods of heavy snow! Luckily, with automatic delivery, Reliable Oil & Heat takes care of you and your delivery needs!

When you are an automatic delivery customer, we determine the best time to deliver your heating oil by tracking your fuel usage and winter weather patterns. If a storm is approaching, we’ll know about it and adjust our schedule so that you’ll have enough fuel to last!

It’s important, however, that you let us know if things in your home change! If you’ve added additional rooms to your house, or additional family members, you’ll be using more fuel. So please be sure to tell us so we can adjust accordingly!

To learn more about automatic heating oil delivery, or to enroll before the cold weather makes its way back into our area, contact Reliable Oil & Heat now!

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