Our History

old_fuel_truck.jpgThe Reliable Oil & Heat Company that is operating today is very different from the one that began in 1922. Frank Rumore, grandfather to Roy and Joe, who are the current owners, began his business as The Stamford Coal and Supply Co., delivering coal to heat the private homes of his friends and neighbors. Today our office and yard are just 100 feet from that original location. 

Frank's sons, Roy Sr. and Joe Sr., instituted the change from coal to oil when they returned to the business after World War II. This was a major change in our business as well as in home heating. The advancements in technology brought new comfort previously only affordable to the wealthy. 

Roy Jr. and Joe Jr. added air conditioning to the mix in the 1980s, modernized the fleet of oil delivery trucks and service vans, and computerized and generally updated office procedures to provide the top-notch, customer-oriented service only a hometown oil company can offer! 

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