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There’s nothing like peace of mind in knowing that your heating system is well taken care of and ready to take on the winter months. Keep your heating equipment operating at peak efficiency and manage any potential repair costs by signing up for a Heating System Service Plan from us!

In your home, all things have a place where they fit. Your heating system is no different, and if it doesn’t fit then your comfort this heating season will suffer as a result. How does equipment sizing affect your home heating comfort?

Don’t Forget About Your Budget Plan!

admin September 9, 2021

The heating season is almost here, now is the time to renew your budget plan… or start one, if you haven’t already experienced the ease and peace of mind in having complete control over your heating bills.

The heating season is on its way! With all of the work your furnace or boiler will be doing comes the normal wear and tear that all heating equipment experiences, but you can help your equipment prepare for it with an annual tune-up.

Even the newest, most well-maintained air conditioning systems can run into minor hiccups every once in a while. But just because normal wear and tear is… well, normal, doesn’t mean you have to tolerate it.

Your air conditioning system does a lot to keep you comfortable – so return the favor! Just by signing up for an air conditioning system service plan with Reliable Oil & Heat you’ll keep your home cooling equipment in top shape.

Upgrade Your Cool With Reliable

admin May 14, 2021

Summer will be here before you know it, are you confident that your air conditioning system is ready to take on the heat? Even a system that has been regularly maintained for years and years will eventually run its course. That’s when we suggest you consider an upgrade!

Tune in to Summer Comfort

admin April 22, 2021

Your air conditioning system has been waiting patiently for its time to shine, but let’s help make sure it’s as ready as you need it to be with an annual tune-up!

One thing you don’t need breaking the bank is the cost of fueling your home comfort equipment during the height of the heating season. Instead of paying for the bulk of your fuel over the span of a few months, you can make your payments more manageable with our EZ Pay Budget Plan!

It’s no secret that your heating system will eventually need maintenance or repair in order to stay running. Don’t wait for your heating system to break down – sign up for a service plan! With our service plan, you can have peace of mind that your heating system will be functioning at peak efficiency. Our comprehensive service plans provide annual tune-ups and preventative maintenance that are designed to keep your system running at their maximum output.

Spending Your Energy Dollars Wisely

admin January 27, 2021

Budgeting your home heating expenses is easy with Reliable Oil & Heat! Your energy dollars will go further with our expansive heating service selection including our…

Bioheat Fuel heating oil is the solution to combating climate change and reducing our carbon emissions – that’s why we’re proud to deliver this fuel to our customers!

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of lives for Connecticut homeowners – as well as the rest of the country! Among those changes, one that may not be as noticeable yet is the amount of fuel each household uses on a daily basis.

Do You Need a New Heating System?

admin October 20, 2020

With the heating season upon us, it’s a good time to start thinking about the condition of your current heating system! If your boiler or furnace doesn’t seem to be up for the challenge of another winter, upgrading it can improve your comfort coverage while reducing fuel costs.

Protect Your Heating Oil Prices Now!

admin September 3, 2020

You already know that you’re making the right choice by having your fuel delivered by us! And, even though the summer isn’t over yet, you should already know that keeping your heating costs under control is easy with our dependable Price Protection options!

If you’re finding yourself wondering what could be getting in the way of your heating system’s ability to keep you warm during the coming winter days, consider the following…

As a full-service home comfort provider, we offer our customers a wide range of products and services that help keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For long-term comfort, we suggest our customers enroll in a comprehensive service plan!

Summer is here! Has your air conditioning system been keeping up with your demand for comfort? If not, consider an upgrade! When you upgrade your air conditioning system you’ll notice…

Springtime is the right time to schedule your air conditioning system’s tune-up. Just like your car needs regular maintenance, so too does your cooling equipment. And now, just before the summer arrives and demands the attention of your AC system, is when you should call!

As a heating oil customer, you know that heating oil prices are subject to many things , which can cause prices to rise and fall many times over the course of the year. Luckily, there is a way you can protect your future home heating costs: Enroll in our Heating Oil Price Protection Plan!

As of January 2020, the EPA has completed its phase-out of R-22 refrigerant. Air conditioning systems manufactured before 2010 could still utilize this refrigerant, and while it isn’t unlawful your best bet is to take action now and save yourself on the associated price increases!

We’ve been delivering quality heating oil to homes in Southwestern Connecticut for a long time – and we’ve always done our best to keep heating oil prices as low as possible to make winter heating bills less frustrating for our customers!

Improve Your Comfort This Winter

admin December 23, 2019

There’s no denying how cold a Connecticut winter can get – but has your heating equipment been keeping up with your demand for comfort?

We’re Here for Your Heating System

admin November 18, 2019

The winter is almost here, where are you going to turn for your home heating needs? Look no further than to us!

We’re proud to deliver Bioheat® fuel to our customers throughout Connecticut! If you’re receiving regular deliveries of Bioheat fuel from us, you’re a part of the movement toward a healthier planet!

New Heating System for the New Season

admin September 4, 2019

Connecticut winters can be rough, but they don’t have to be so bad for your household with the latest modern heating technology available from today’s top furnace and boiler manufacturers!

There’s no telling what the market price of heating oil is going to do during the height of the heating season – but with a price protection plan you’ll be able to predict your costs and take your mind off of the volatility of market prices.

It’s true that one of the great things about relying on us for your home comfort needs is that we’ve got it all – heating and cooling equipment installation and maintenance, fuel delivery, service agreements and more.

Benefits of an AC Tune-Up

admin June 20, 2019

When it comes to the reliability of your air conditioning system, there’s one way to be certain – an annual air conditioning system tune-up! Our service contracts include annual tune-ups, which is perfect for our customers who want to beat the summer heat.

Did you know, an oil storage tank that isn’t full during the warmer months could cause issues down the line? It’s true! The more space in your tank, the more room there is for water accumulation, which can result in:

It isn’t enough to have the latest air conditioning equipment installed in your home – you need to protect it, too! Normal wear and tear is typical of any equipment, and an air conditioning service plan keeps your cooling system running optimally year after year!

Before we know it, the warmer weather will be here – and we’ll be looking for a place to go for relief when the summer really starts to heat up! That place can be your own home with our reliable air conditioning services!

This heating season has had its share of up and downs – when it comes to the temperature that is! As the temperatures managed to drop well into the single digits, did you notice anything lacking about your home heating system?

Trust a Reliable Service Plan

admin January 15, 2019

With winter well under way, you want to make sure that you can count on your home heating equipment! A comprehensive Heating Oil Service Plan from Reliable Oil & Heat brings you peace of mind for the heating season – take a look at what you get.

The Benefits of Bioheat

admin December 27, 2018

Reliable Oil and Heat is proud to deliver Bioheat® fuel to all of our customers. What makes Bioheat so great? Here are just a few of the benefits of using Bioheat fuel:

Reliable Price Protection

admin November 16, 2018

We know how much our customers love options, and that’s why we offer a few when it comes to fuel prices!

Make Room for Comfort in Your Budget

admin October 25, 2018

On average, homeowners pay for the bulk of their annual heating fuel needs during the peak heating season – a short four-month span of time that puts a strain on everyone’s wallet!

Upgrade Your Heating System for Winter

admin September 27, 2018

As the weather cools down, you might start looking to your heating equipment for relief.

Automatic Peace of Mind

admin September 17, 2018

This winter is expected to be another snowy one, which means calling for heating oil deliveries will be a little tougher during periods of heavy snow!

You take your car to the mechanic for regular tune-ups, and you visit the doctor for regular check-ups, but does your air conditioning equipment get the proper maintenance it needs to run efficiently?

It won’t be long before your air conditioning system is turned up to 11, but if your AC equipment has seen its fair share of scorching summers, it may not be performing as well as you would like.

Stick to the Plan

admin May 23, 2018

Fuel prices aren’t always consistent, and this can make it tough for homeowners during the winter.

Your air conditioner could have taken a few hits from falling icicles and heavy snow this winter, so why not check up on it and make sure it’s ready to beat the heat?

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