Why Is My Central Air Conditioner Making A High-Pitched Noise?

Admin  -   09:00 am  -   May 15th, 2024

You might be squealing with joy with the arrival of warm weather, but if you hear your central AC unit squealing, that might be a problem. The experts at Reliable Oil & Heat have compiled a list of reasons why your system is making high-pitched noises.


  • Low airflow: A clogged air filter or dirty evaporator coil can restrict airflow, causing the unit to work harder and make whistling noises.
  • Worn bearings or belts: In older units, worn bearings or belts in the blower motor or condenser fan can create screeching or squealing sounds.
  • Refrigerant leaks: A refrigerant leak can produce a hissing or whistling sound. This could be an indication of a more serious issue that can damage your AC and requires professional attention.


Is your central air conditioning screeching? Reliable Oil & Heat has your covered, with back prompt, reliable repair and maintenance services – there’s a reason why Reliable is our company name! Contact us for any questions, and fill out our online service form to schedule your service.

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