Price Protection

It's a fact of life. Fuel prices are subject to things like supply and demand and changing world events. And while we can neither predict nor control these things, we can offer you the best way to protect your family budget. Our price protection plans can't be beat when it comes to managing your energy bills. 

We are pleased to offer Fixed Price and Capped Price programs. 

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Fixed Price

When you enroll in this plan, we set one fixed price for your heating fuel for the duration of the year. As prices rise, your price will not increase. 


pricechart.pngCapped Price

When you enroll in this plan, you'll agree to a "price cap" for the entire heating season. You'll have the security you want because you will never pay more than the capped price for heating fuel. And if prices go down, your delivered price will also fall! 


Posted (or Market) Price Is Also Available

Many of our customers choose to pay the posted price for their fuel, which fluctuates throughout the year - just as they would pay for milk or eggs or gasoline. 


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