Is Your Oil Tank Leaking? What You Need To Know

Admin  -   11:30 am  -   April 18th, 2024

A leak in your oil tank is a serious issue, posing health and environmental risks. But how do you know if your tank is leaking? Here are some signs to watch out for in aboveground tanks and underground tanks.

Aboveground Tanks

  • Visible tank damage: Corrosion or dents from age or being exposed to the elements can create holes for oil to leak.

  • Smell of oil: A subtle smell of oil in your home after a delivery is normal, but a strong smell of oil or gasoline is a red flag.

  • Wet spots: If you notice a damp spot on your storage tank, that’s a telltale sign of a leak.

  • Floor stains: A reddish black spot near the ground of your tank is likely an oil stain.

Underground Tanks

  • Oil sheen: If puddles around your home have an oily sheen to it, it could be a sign that your underground tank is leaking and contaminating your groundwater.

  • Significant increase in your heating bill: A sudden spike in your heating bills could be related to oil loss.

  • Dead or dying vegetation: Patches of discolored grass and plants near your tank indicate that oil has entered your water table.

If you notice a severe leak from your oil tank, contact us immediately. Reliable Oil & Heat’s expert technicians have the proper tools, equipment, and expertise to clean up oil spills. We are here to help homeowners in Fairfield County, Connecticut with all of their heating oil needs, from reliable deliveries to prompt service. Call us at (203) 324-2141 for any emergency situations.

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