Enroll In Heating Oil Price Protection!

Admin  -   09:39 am  -   April 07th, 2020

As a heating oil customer, you know that heating oil prices are subject to many things , which can cause prices to rise and fall many times over the course of the year. Luckily, there is a way you can protect your future home heating costs: Enroll in our Heating Oil Price Protection Plan!

Enrolling in price protection during the off season enables you to purchase your fuel for the following year at a lower price, and prevent the cost of fuel from going up! Here are the plans we offer:

Fixed Price Plan

You purchase your fuel for the year at a set cost. This cost, which will be lower than the cost of fuel during the heating season, will be the amount you pay for the year. The price is fixed, so even if market prices go up - your costs stay the same!

One downside to a fixed price plan is that if costs should fall below your price, you’ll still pay your fixed price without benefiting from a lower market price.

Capped Price Plan

With this plan you lock in a price for the year that your fuel costs will never exceed. This plan lets you enjoy market price drops without having to worry about paying more than the agreed upon amount that we lock in when you enroll.

Take control of your heating oil costs for the next heating season! Give us a call or contact us online today to sign up or to learn more.

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