Get A Handle On Your Heating Oil Costs!

Admin  -   02:08 pm  -   August 19th, 2019

There’s no telling what the market price of heating oil is going to do during the height of the heating season – but with a price protection plan you’ll be able to predict your costs and take your mind off of the volatility of market prices.

Sign up for one of our pricing options, including…

Capped Price

We’ll lock in a price for a specific amount of gallons that becomes your maximum price per gallon of fuel. If market prices should increase, you’ll pay no more than your cap price. If market prices should fall, however, you’ll pay the lower amount.

Fixed Price

This plan locks in a set price for a specific amount of gallons for the entire duration of the heating season. If prices should rise or fall, you’ll continue to pay your fixed price.

Prepare for the heating season! Contact us to learn more or to sign up for a price protection plan.

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