Keep Up With The Changes To Your AC Equipment

Admin  -   04:36 pm  -   February 19th, 2020

As of January 2020, the EPA has completed its phase-out of R-22 refrigerant. Air conditioning systems manufactured before 2010 could still utilize this refrigerant, and while it isn’t unlawful your best bet is to take action now and save yourself on the associated price increases!

Why Are Prices Increasing?

As the supply of R-22 refrigerant decreases, the price to repair and recharge an air conditioning system that utilizes R-22 increases and will continue to do so now that R-22 is no longer being produced or imported to the US.

What is the Best Option?

The most effective way to escape rising R-22 prices is by upgrading to a modern air conditioning system that utilizes a safer refrigerant known as R-410A, which is more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Since R-22 refrigerant stopped being used in equipment manufactured after 2010, an upgrade will also help lower energy costs as these systems are nearly a decade old.

How do I Get Started?

Talk to us right away if you’re still using an air conditioning system that utilizes R-22 refrigerant and want to make the switch before your system breaks down mid-summer and you end up with larger-than-normal service charges.

We work with the top manufacturers of both ductless mini-split and central air conditioning systems! Call or contact us online for more information on these changes, or for help picking out your new AC system.

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