Keep Your Tank Full This Spring!

Admin  -   01:37 pm  -   March 23rd, 2023

With each day warmer than the last, we’re sure you’re eagerly awaiting the day you turn down your heating system for a while. But wait just a little longer! A full oil or propane tank functions as more than just a heating source. Letting your tank sit empty in the warmer months can actually be damaging to your equipment; it’s important to see why.

Don’t neglect your tank!

  • Too much empty space in your tank can lead to water accumulation
  • Water accumulation creates sediment build-up
  • Sediment build-up is bad news!
    • Rust and corrosion of your tank’s interior
    • System malfunctions
    • Costly repairs
    • Enjoy off-season prices and off-season noncompetitive scheduling
    • Full tank = peace of mind. May unpredictable weather come your way; you’ll be ready for it.

Avoid extensive and expensive repairs next heating season by keeping your tank full! Call us at (203) 324-2141 to schedule your next fuel delivery.

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