The Price Is Always Right For Heating Oil

Admin  -   10:24 am  -   January 22nd, 2020

We’ve been delivering quality heating oil to homes in Southwestern Connecticut for a long time – and we’ve always done our best to keep heating oil prices as low as possible to make winter heating bills less frustrating for our customers!

We also give our customers the most bang for their buck!

That’s because our customers are getting more than just prompt, automatic heating oil delivery. They’re getting a one-stop-shop for all things comfort, including…

  • Furnace and boiler installations & repairs

  • Furnace and boiler service plans

  • Heating oil price protection plans & payment options

  • Air conditioning system installations & repairs

If you’re not already enjoying automatic heating oil delivery from us, don’t put it off any longer! Contact us online to enroll in automatic heating oil delivery, or to learn more about our other value-added services available to our customers.

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