Protect Your Air Conditioning System With A Service Plan

Admin  -   04:02 pm  -   June 21st, 2021

Your air conditioning system does a lot to keep you comfortable – so return the favor! Just by signing up for an air conditioning system service plan with Reliable Oil & Heat you’ll keep your home cooling equipment in top shape.

Our service plan provides…

Annual Tune-Up

Arguably the most important thing a homeowner can do to maintain their comfort is to keep up with their cooling equipment’s annual tune-ups. These tune-ups let our technicians make any minor repairs and adjustments as well as perform simple tests that will help lower the risk of future breakdowns.

Part Replacement Coverage

Even with regular maintenance, normal wear and tear can take its toll on the air conditioning system. That’s why the replacement of a variety of parts is covered by the plan.

Priority Scheduling

Customers enrolled in an air conditioning system service plan will be sent to the front of the line for all service calls thanks to priority scheduling over non-agreement customers.

Start protecting your cooling equipment now! Enroll in an air conditioning service plan today, or call or contact us online for more information about our service plans.

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