Protect Your Heating Oil Prices Now!

Admin  -   04:36 pm  -   September 22nd, 2020

You already know that you’re making the right choice by having your fuel delivered by us! And, even though the summer isn’t over yet, you should already know that keeping your heating costs under control is easy with our dependable Price Protectionoptions!

We offer two options for when it comes to keeping fuel costs manageable, including:

Capped Price Plan

Our Capped Price Plan allows you to purchase your seasonal supply of heating oil with a guarantee that the cost will not exceed the agreed upon cap price – no matter how high prices go. Additionally, if prices should drop, you’ll benefit by paying the lower amount!

Fixed Price Plan

Under the Fixed price Plan your fuel costs will remain the same all year long. If prices skyrocket, yours won’t! If prices drop, however, yours will not. This method of price protection is ideal for customers who prefer to know exactly how much they’ll be paying for fuel, without having to follow market trends.

It’s wise to prepare for what’s to come – and by signing up for price protection you’ll be prepared for the heating season! Contact us online today to enroll in a plan or to learn more about the services we offer!

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