Stick To The Plan

Admin  -   09:20 am  -   June 08th, 2018

Fuel prices aren’t always consistent, and this can make it tough for homeowners during the winter. As demand for oil goes up during the heating season, the prices follow suit. There’s an answer, however, and that is Reliable Oil & Heat’s Oil Purchasing Plans.

EZ Pay Plan

Your annual fuel costs are divided into equal monthly payments, making budgeting easier. This is especially important around the holiday season that coincides with high heating bills!

Fixed Price

With this option you’ll only pay a set price for your fuel, no matter what happens with the market price.

Capped Price

A predetermined ceiling is set and your prices will never go above that ceiling – if prices drop, however, you pay the lower price.

With these options market prices won’t have as much of an impact on your heating bills! Contact Reliable Oil & Heat today to learn more.

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