Will Your Home Stay Warm This Heating Season?

Admin  -   12:49 pm  -   August 27th, 2020

If you’re finding yourself wondering what could be getting in the way of your heating system’s ability to keep you warm during the coming winter days, consider the following…

  • The warm air could be leaking out of your home, or the cold air finding its way in, if the spaces are windows, doors and other access points (to your attic and crawlspace, for example) aren’t properly sealed up.

  • The insulation within the walls and ceilings of your home could be in poor condition, or could have shifted – leaving areas where air can escape or enter the home.

  • The ductwork in your home could be the problem, especially if it’s beginning to separate or there are holes letting air out and dust into your home.

While these could prevent your heating equipment from keeping up with your demand for comfort, one way to avoid it is by keeping your heating system in good repair!

With a heating system tune-up performed annually by our technicians, your equipment will…

  • Perform more efficiently, saving you on home heating costs

  • Require fewer service calls, saving you on repair costs

  • Be less likely to break down

  • Provide your home with the heating coverage you expect!

Have your heating system checked out soon! It’s the perfect time to schedule a heating system tune-up. Contact us online or call today to schedule your heating system tune-up, or to learn more about our home heating services!

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