Air Condition Installation Service in Norwalk, CT


Save money, increase your energy efficiency, and improve your home's comfort when you call us for your new A/C installation. Installing a new cooling system can provide a cooler, more refreshing breeze throughout your home. It can also reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

We install both ductless mini-split and central air conditioners to meet the specific comfort needs of all our customers.

Service Plan

Our services don't just stop at installations. We also provide preventive maintenance, repairs and service contracts. With a service contract, you're covered and protected against system breakdowns and costly repairs. Our expert technicians also perform tune-ups and maintenance. They'll check your motors, filters, wiring and more to ensure your air condition is performing at peak operating efficiency.

With a service plan, you also get discounts on several A/C system parts including fans, pumps, switches, transformers and more. If you ever experience malfunctions or issues, we'll get your A/C up and running as soon as possible so you have the cool air you need to stay comfortable in even the hottest of weather.

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