Need a New AC System? Act Now!

admin March 22, 2022

Spring is the perfect time to get your home cooling system up to speed – and we’re more than happy to help with that!

Not many family-run companies can say they’ve been around for an entire century, but we’re proud to say that we can! We’ve spent 100 years as a company providing our customers with the best care, quality products and reliable service we possible can and it has definitely paid off.

We proudly deliver high-quality heating oil at discount prices for homeowners throughout Connecticut, even when there’s inclement weather! While we’re willing to brave the elements to keep our customers’ fueled up, safe and comfortable, we can still use a little help from time to time!

There’s nothing like peace of mind in knowing that your heating system is well taken care of and ready to take on the winter months. Keep your heating equipment operating at peak efficiency and manage any potential repair costs by signing up for a Heating System Service Plan from us!

In your home, all things have a place where they fit. Your heating system is no different, and if it doesn’t fit then your comfort this heating season will suffer as a result. How does equipment sizing affect your home heating comfort?

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